Stacy Kim

Studied with Riverview since 2005

B.F.A in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art

First aid/CPR certified, Lifeguard certified

Stacy’s interest in martial arts seems to radiate as a natural extension of her Korean heritage. Her internal fortitude, flowing personality, creative expression and selflessness are felt by all.

Graduating with honors from Maine College of Art, Stacy is the co-owner of Perch Design Studio, a graphic design studio for socially responsible businesses. Her work is seen on websites and campaigns throughout Maine including the Maine Arts Commission, Portland Symphony Orchestra, Buy Local, University of Maine at Augusta and Unity College.

Helping Maine organizations represents her professional career, but, her work at Riverview allows Stacy to help others grow and learn on a more personal level and cultivates the balance she needs as a martial artist.

As a lead in the development of the Riverview Kids Who Care community service initiative, Stacy’s strong support in all areas of the Foundation and it’s mission helps each year become a brighter and more productive one.

Stacy at Riverview

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