Since 1989

Riverview began on the banks of the Androscoggin River and was the realization of the founder’s life-long dream—to provide a non-competitive martial art training experience in an outdoor setting that would improve the quality of life for others through an ancient and holistic tradition. Much has changed with Riverview, but its ultimate purpose, inner spirit and core values have stayed remarkably true.


Riverview Foundation is a community-based organization providing educational and wilderness programs for youth and adults throughout Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. With state-wide teaching locations, programs, partners and community networks, Riverview is proud to be taking its founding mission and sharing it with the communities of Maine each year.

Our Mission

Riverview Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing educational and enriching programs which make positive and lasting outcomes through an ancient and peaceful martial arts heritage. Participants work hard to improve their minds, bodies, and spirits and they strive to maintain respect for and seek to improve their community, their families and the natural world that they live in.

Our History

Located on a scenic bend on the Androscoggin River, Sifu Vincent J. Atripaldi opened the first Riverview doors on eleven beautiful acres of land in January of 1989. Being a student of the martial arts since 1963 and a teacher of the martial way for almost two decades, led Riverview’s founder to follow his lifelong passion. The stage was set for a multi-generational organization to be born.

In 1994, the growth and demand for programming from throughout the community inspired Riverview’s founder and five senior students and part-time staff members to reach for something more comprehensive. With tireless work from all six people, Riverview was able to earn 501(c)3 approval in record time and Riverview Martial Arts and Security Academy became the benevolent public non-profit Riverview Foundation, “Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life.”

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Our Locations

Main Topsham campus located at 610 Augusta Road


Located on 164 acres of land bordered by the Cathance River, Riverview’s Topsham facility offers a 3,000 sq. ft. facility, hiking trails, campsites, outdoor classrooms, picnic areas and more.

South Portland dojo location at 146 Ocean Street

South Portland

Located near Casco Bay and directly in the heart of South Portland, our second school offers a convenient training location for people in the Greater Portland area. Indoor classes are offered year round.

Nature is the teacher at our 164 acre Topsham campus

Learning in Nature

Riverview’s nature-based curriculum brings students to the best natural sites that Maine has to offer. Each year, we explore magnificent rivers, majestic mountains and historical state parks for the purpose of health and education.

Riverview offers programming off campus at nearby schools and organizations

Off Campus Facilities

Riverview Foundation holds programs in a variety of locations throughout Southern and Mid-Coast Maine. Afterschool and school day programs are held within our partnering school districts facilities.

Our Staff

With twenty years of dedicated teaching as a Riverview legacy, the Riverview Foundation staff is committed to helping young people foster joy and success in their lives. Encouraging healthy choices that benefit the everyday lives of Maine youth is the Riverview staff’s primary focus.

Working effectively with youth from diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds, teachers share easily applicable techniques that reach the core of each child. We respect the individuality of each of our students and are committed to the journey of life-long learning.

What our participants have to say

Learning of taking out negative energy was very helpful! How to re-energize and focus. Learning how to meditate using chairs and something we can use at work.

Lynda Pickrell Martin’s Point

I really enjoyed this experience! I have a lot of interest in both martial arts and nature; and I have never made a correlation between the two. How powerful! I think specifically seeing the ability to focus energy (unbendable arm) and also the positive power of nature were the most memorable parts for me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Nick Hansen Martin’s Point

I feel completely calm and peaceful.

Martial Art Sampler Participant Girl Scouts