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Riverview Martial Arts practices Universal Movement (UM): a unique blend of Okinawan Karate, Chinese Kung Fu, Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, Aiki-jujitsu, Goju Ryu, Chi Gung, and Tai Chi Chuan. Universal Movement students gain a total package of physical health and self-defense skills, taught by experienced black sashes in a dojo built from mutual respect, kindness and personal growth.

Martial Arts Programming

With an emphasis on physical fitness, focus building, kindness towards others and creative expression, students traverse a customized curriculum suitable for all learning styles.

Youth martial arts encourages focus, discipline, and confidence in youth

Kids Martial Arts

Our martial art program for kids promotes physical fitness, focus, kindness towards others, and opportunities for creative expression to support positive character development¬†in young people’s lives.

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Teen martial arts enriches young adults with programming for confidence, leadership, and lifelong friends

Teen Martial Arts

Our Universal Movement martial art program for teens offers physical skills taught in a nurturing class setting where respect, kindness and acceptance merge into a supportive peer culture.

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Martial arts program for adults provide community, skill, focus, and confidence

Adult Martial Arts

Our adult students progress through a curriculum that blends hard and soft techniques to promote holistic health, self-defense, mental clarity and connection to nature & self.

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Providing educational and enriching programs through a martial arts heritage