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Support for Riverview Foundation promotes the evolution of a lasting educational resource for health, leadership and purposeful enjoyment of nature in the State of Maine. With over twenty years of sweat equity, productive broad-scale collaboration, community outreach and above all, individual student successes, Riverview’s founding intent to provide quality educational programs that inspire, nurture and actively assist others for generations has become a reality.

How you can help

Becoming a donor is a unique opportunity to strengthen Maine’s greatest resource — our children. Please take a moment to consider donating to programs that will help hundreds of Maine kids in your community!

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Your donations make it possible for all students to feel equally valued and fairly challenged to strive to their fullest potential. General donations are a great way for us to maximize your donation and wisely creates double or triple the net effect, because it’s at the exact right place at the exact right time. Thank you for trusting us, we will make you proud!


Student Scholarships

Riverview Foundation strives each and every day to support all Maine families and their children equally. Historically, Riveriew contributes $10,000-$15,000 annually to scholarships in our programs. Our commitment to helping Maine’s self-reliant families experience the joy of watching their children thrive needs your help to reach more Mainers.



Willing hands and technical experts from all directions help create success as volunteers at Riverview Foundation. If you or your group of givers have time and talents to share, give us a call. Join us outdoors, spend quality time with kids afterschool, or share your speciality. There’s always something to do at Riverview.

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Riverview is a Martial Arts School, a regional after-school program, a center for adult health and wellness, a wilderness school and a non-profit foundation actively advocating for the welfare of youth and the health of Maine families.